Sales system

What is direct selling?

Direct sales originated in the late 19th century. Today it is a dynamically developing industry in which both leading world brands and small companies work.

The range of products and services offered through the direct sales channel includes jewelry, dishes, biologically active supplements, cosmetics, household goods and even products in the field of energy and insurance.

The total annual revenue of direct sales companies exceeds 900 billion US dollars. Today, over 700 million people are involved in this industry.


Consumer Benefit

Unlike retail, direct sales do not promote products or services in stores, but in person. Mojo business partners only build personal relationships with potential customers and do the selling, but the delivery and warranty are carried out by the Mojo ecosystem.

In an age of development of social networks, when consumers increasingly value their own time and individual approach, such a personalized service becomes especially relevant.


Benefit for Mojo Business Partners

Millions of people around the world are opting for direct sales. Some people like the products and services of companies and want to purchase them at a discount. Others decide to invite friends, relatives and acquaintances to take part in the sale of goods and receive commissions from their sales. The most successful Mojo Business Partners are expanding their business by creating a network of independent distributors and pursuing a full career in this industry. The costs of opening your own direct sales business are incomparably small compared to others, and the risks are minimal.


Mojo corporation

The Mojo business model is one of the most effective in the direct selling industry. About 75% of the company's turnover is returned to Mojo Business Partner in the form of payments and remuneration. The company provides the most advanced training programs, including international training with the participation of leading world experts, constant feedback, advertising and information support.